Regenerative Treatment in Central Oregon

Regenerative Therapy Explained

As we age, our bodies change, causing pain. Whether brought on by stress, infection or damage, the results are generally the same – unwanted or prolonged pain in joints and muscles.

As much as 70% of adults experience these results in our country.

The real question is, what can be done about it?

The most common treatment is of course an injection of steroids into the area. The injection can reduce inflammation in the joint or muscle area, thus relieving the pain – temporarily. It’s never been a permanent solution and has to be repeated over and over again.

Side effects related to this procedure range from addiction to decreased effectiveness and more.

For those not interested in simply treating the problem, regenerative protocols are now available that can dramatically reduce pain. In some cases, patients have reported that it has handled the issue for years or even decades.

Essentially, the regenerative protocols at Advanced Pain Solutions in Redmond, Oregon are designed to assist the body to heal itself, without harmful surgeries or drugs such as opioids or steroids


Benefits of Regenerative Therapy

Our regenerative therapy protocols are focused on reducing your pain, while restoring, maintaining, or improving your muscle function.  Once administered, some patients report improvements within 24 hours.

Patients have reported the following benefits:

  • Improved Speed of Recovery
  • Reduction of Pain
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Improvement of Overall Joint Health

Some patients have reported improvements in 24 hours or less. Some patients see results almost instantly.

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